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Pale ale brew day

Saturday, May 15th, 2010. My first brew day of the year. I know shame on me for waiting till half way through May, five months into this year before I even brew a batch of beer. Well what can I say? It’s been a busy year.
Now that I got my first batch done this year I can start preparing for my next brew day. Note to self, need more corny kegs.
Well my wort came out ok, I would have liked to see it with a bit of a higher SG but it did reach 1.050. Another note to self: get refractometer, soon. I could have done 2 things differently, well ok maybe really one.
My brew sessions usually take some time, which makes me think going all grain might take less time? After reaching boiling and then adding the rest of the LME and DME my temp dropped to 180! It took way too long to get back to boil. Which leads to my change. This brew had quite a bit of hops I kept the temp under close scrutiny as I added hops as I’ve had some boil over issues since going to 10 gal with the converted keg. I guess I really should have cranked the heat up more after adding the hops. Next time.
My other option could have been to boil longer, say maybe 15 more minutes, but my day was already getting too late. By the time I was all done it was 10 pm and there was the putting everything away that still had to be done. My daughter was not going to bed easily that night, I don’t blame her as we usually get some time together before she goes to sleep.
Thus I have proved to myself; a refractometer is in my future and another pale ale brew day is coming soon.
Up next an Irish Red Ale kit from more beer. I like this kit and that is why I purchased it from the DOTD. This will be the first time kegging it though.

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