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Beers and Ears

I am happy to announce that I am now contributing to the Beers and Ears blog. Come on over and take a look at my and the other contributors reviews of beers you will find around the World, Disney World, and beyond.
I finished my first post last night and am about to publish it and have another beer to review tomorrow night so by tomorrow night or on Thursday for a review of a beer that I’ve been waiting to try since I first heard of this project from Sierra Nevada.

Thanks for stopping and I look forward to talking with you further.

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Disney Dream Vacation pt 2

For our second day of vacation we couldn’t ask from anything better. Good friends, good food and plenty of entertainment.
For our first full day in Disney World we made arrangements with our friends to get picked up at All-Star Movies and then we went to Fort Wilderness for a delivery. This was great as I have never been to Fort Wilderness and I was all eyes and ears trying to observe as much as I could.
This opportunity was great as I took notice of how Disney has maintained a great community for those that like to travel via RV’s or campers. I didn’t get to see many tents, but at the same time I wasn’t all that interested in camping at Fort Wilderness in a tent.
After making our delivery we drove to Epcot. Arriving around 9:30 AM set us up for a good day in the park. Now Since I was the only one familiar with Touring Plans I tried to set a plan of attack. Unfortunately with 2 little ones in tow we did need to be quite flexible. We started off really well.
Our touring group comprised of four adults and 2 five year-olds. I mention this so that you can understand our plan for attack. We started off by getting 3 FastPasses for both Soarin’ and TestTrack. The nice part of touring with two five year-olds is that we had their passes to obtain FastPasses with, yet they couldn’t ride most of the E-Ticket attractions. So our plan was to use two FastPasses for two adults and obtain a Child or Rider-swap pass for the other two adults. The only catch we faced was the CM at the entrance of TestTrack seemed a bit inquisitive about how we were going to use the Rider-Swap. Eventually he did let us obtain a pass and use our FastPass. After that all other attractions we were able to use FastPasses and Rider-Swap passes together. We were able to ride TestTrack, Mission:Space and after lunch at San Angel Inn we rode Soarin’.
One of the most anticipated attractions for us was the chance to see Michael Jackson in Captain EO presented in 3D and on 70mm film.
Later that evening we were able to enjoy Illuminations from a private viewing area near the Italy pavilion
We ended the night with quiet walk from World Showcase to our car to which we then back tracked our mornings route.

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