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Thoughts on Project NextGen

There’s been plenty going around since the presser by Tom Staggs about the innovations that the Disney company is going to be unveiling in the next few years as a part of the NextGen project, and I thought I’d interrupt this usual blog to put down in words what I think the character interactions can and in my humble opinion should be like.

Yes there will be a type of FastPass that can be used to meet and greet the characters in Disney Parks soon. But one thing I notice is how this could be impacting the less planned or scheduled traveler. My thought that would make this beneficial for all would be to turn all Character Meet-n-Greets into reserved/FastPass and to fore go the standby line. But one detail I would like to make sure is that there is an easily accessible way to obtain FastPasses the day of the Meet-n-Greet.

The reason I think this is the best method is that I see this as being a way to set and meet guest expectations, plus this way the Characters times can be more easily maintained. Think about this situation, a young child who may not comprehend the FastPass method and notices other people moving ahead of them in line. The reasoning ability of the child would not be as developed as an older guest, thus disappointment would more than likely be experienced by the all children as the first one would probably start the fuse and each one in line would then notice.

In a way I see the NextGen project could be a big boom for Disney if all popular attractions would become a Reservation/FastPass attraction and make it easy to obtain reservations once entering the parks for those daily visitors.

But hey this is just my opinion, what’s your thoughts?

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