Walt & El Grupo

After enjoying the movie I sat there saying I really need to write a review of this. Now I’m not a professional movie critic, so please take this with a review with a pinch of salt.

Walt & El Grupo tells the story of a difficult time in the Walt Disney Studios history. The artists were rallying to form a union while Walt a genuine family man was trying to keep his studio away from outside influences.
With his studio in peril financially and the animators on the outside with the negative influences that were smearing Walt’s name while the rest of the world entrenched in the early part of the second world war.
It was at this time that the United States government proposed a good will tour for Walt and his team of artists. This tour was win for all parties involved at the time. Walt needed his time away from the troubles at the studio while the U.S. government needed the German influences out of the Sourthern American countries.
The one thing about this documentary that really struck me was the use of historical documents, photos, videos and even recordings of Walt himself describing the events. The reading of personal letters by family members of those who were personally invested in these communications helps give the viewers a great perspective of the artists involved in this world changing event.
Life was so much simpler at this time, but this was not a simple business trip. The officials who made this trip possible for Disney and his artists new the best way to keep the western hemisphere peacefully from entering a war when there was so much in common for all American’s, Northern and Southern.

I would highly recommend this movie for anyone that is interested in the history of Southern American cultures especially that of art, from dance to music to cartoon animation. Of course this is a great movie for any fan of the history of Walt Disney himself and the Walt Disney Studios.

Before watching this movie I did get a chance to watch ‘The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story’, which I hope I can write up a brief review of this movie this weekend.

There’s plenty going on in my life now so I hope I can cut a little time out to type up these reviews from someone out there to read and enjoy.


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2 responses to “Walt & El Grupo

  1. Caroline

    Thanks for the review. I want to watch the movie now. Great!!

    • Jason Heger

      One thing I didn’t really talk about was the video editing and cinematography. I thought the use and blending of some old videos and photos really help bring you from today back to the time of the Tour.


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