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March pumps for homebrewing

Now I am no expert at homebrewing or March pumps, but I just wanted to write a little about the use of said pumps in homebrewing. First off, don’t drop them from 1 foot off the ground 😦 the slightest off-balance may render them useless.
These wonderful tools will save years of wear and tear on your back. Now when I bought my first pump I was wondering what would be the best way to hook it up. Well unfortunately I was sold in to the cheapest and easiest way. It worked but it also meant the use of tools setting up and taking down, thus it added time and hassle to my brew day.
Since that time I started purchasing quick disconnects from Midwest Supplies. They may not be exactly cheap but it’s worth it. I didn’t, until recently, look at using QD’s on my pump. Now that I have been using QD’s, I wonder what was I thinking to have not done this sooner!
So here’s a quick and dirty list of parts that I purchased to use with my pump. They work great and make for an easy clean up and storage.

Take care.

Parts List:
March Pump
1/2″ Valve
Quick-Disconect’s X2
Female-to-female 1/2″ adapter
Teflon Tape
Connect the 1/2″ valve to the out connection on the pump head. Then connect the female-to-female adapter to the in connection on the pump head. Last but not least connect the QD’s to each end. Be sure to use plenty of tape to seal the threads.

High-Temp hose – Pick your preferred length
1/2″ Quick-Disconnects or Auto Shutoff – I prefer with out to hang and dry the hoses.
Tubing Clamps

1/2″ wrench
Standard Screw-driver
Philips Screw-driver – Optional, if you want to take the pump head off for ease of working on the pump.

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